Selecting the right plastic surgeon – tips by Dr Rod Rohrich

While there is no shortage of the number of medical professionals in the field of Plastic Surgery, there is certainly a shortage of special and magical hands like the Dallas-based surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich. He says that there are too many people who think about the results and how it could transform their lives. But there is only a small percentage of potential or existing patients who analyze how they could achieve those results. And the answer to that question is through the correct choice of the practitioner. Even though referrals, as well as online reviews, could help you to some extent, Dr. Rohrich recommends that it is imperative on the part of the patient to do his or her homework around the doctor before moving ahead in the surgical process.

According to Dr. Rohrich, there are several factors that go in while you look for the best practitioner to treat you. One of them is definitely the certifications that the doctor has in his medical field; another one is the amount of experience and reputation that he brings to the table. Since there are many different areas within plastic surgery, try to do some research and read reviews from people who have had surgeries in the area that you are looking for. Dr. Rohrich also explains how the practitioner needs to be compassionate, caring and empathetic towards his or her patients. This would only help the patients to get over their anxiety levels and go through the surgery in a more conducive and relaxing way.

Bruno Fagali Is A Competent Lawyer In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is passionate about fighting for the rights of his clients. Bruno renders top notch services to a wide variety of companies and professionals. He provides responsive and efficient legal counsel pertaining to a number of business and personal issues.

Almost every company or organization requires the services or advice of a lawyer at some point. Entrepreneurs and businesses need to enlist the services of an experienced and reputable attorney. A good lawyer can help identify issues that need to be resolved.

Lawsuits and other legal problems can show up seemingly out of nowhere, and it is a good idea to be protected. Smart business owners and organization leaders have a relationship with a corporate or business attorney. And, if you want to keep operating successfully, you’ll take steps to get a competent attorney for your organization.

Having a lawyer by your side, will help you to run a successful business. Even if you are an investor, and do not operate a business, it is always advisable to consult a lawyer that handles investment issues.

There are many types of lawyers out there but it’s imperative that you consult one that has great expertise in the area of law you need help with. When it comes to legal matters pertaining to breach of contract or dispute with a business partner, you need to hire a lawyer who is well versed in these areas.

In Brazil, Bruno Fagali ensures that his business clients are aware of the rules and regulations affecting their day-to-day activities. Bruno takes steps to ensure that his clients do what is necessary so that their business and other ventures run smoothly.

If your company or organization is dealing with some legal issues, Bruno Fagali is prepared to review the circumstances surrounding the matter and provide the best possible service. He is well known for helping businesses and individuals obtain the best possible outcome in their situation.

In qualifying cases, some attorneys handle commercial or business matters on a contingent fee basis. If you don’t know how it works and are interested in learning more, you need to speak to a business or corporate lawyer about your situation.

If you are dealing with a complex business or personal legal situation in Brazil, it’s crucial that you consult a knowledgeable lawyer. Bruno Fagali can help you address the situation appropriately.

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Drone Detection Protects Facility Security

Drones are very popular aerial devices that can be used to transport contraband to a facility that houses inmates. In fact, drones are hard to detect and may require additional support. That’s when the popular drone detection technology was introduced by Securus. They will use their technology to monitor drone activity and there won’t be a need for any additional monitoring or support. Securus will be able to intercept a drone mid-air without tube threat of jeopardizing the facility, staff, or inmates. Their new drone detection technology is set to be released soon and is currently being used at test facilities.


Recent Securus News


Securus has made business news because of several of their accomplishments, but Business Newswire did an extensive report on their recent certification 1 that allows their customers to have access to international inmate calls. If you find yourself detained overseas, Securus has the quality advanced solution to help you process your inmate calls. You can have the proper telecommunications to reach out to your parents, friends, or love ones, when your unfortunately, detained overseas. The estimated deal behind the international deal goes undisclosed. The deal has been a success for all parties involved with more freedom for international telecommunications.


Why Thousands Are Choosing Securus


Securus is a popular inmate calling network that has long since served as one of the largest in North America. Their base calling network allows their customers to talk over a secure network without the worry of excessive fees or dropped calls. A a former regulation provider, their priority remains their customers. They also have a web forum that allows customer feedback, service referral, and they can report crimes. You aren’t own your own when you’re navigating your new or existing account with live online support features.


What’s New With Securus


Securus has enacted several new Securus features. You can use their new payment processing technology to process your payment in 1 to 24 hours. They have acquired the GovPayNet system which serves as one of the largest government debit and credit card payment system. Securus has partnered with GovPayNet to encrypted network with additional financial security. You can send an inmate money and get it to them fast with their new payment technology. Securus remains the leaders in exclusive, but proven technology results for quality and affordable inmate calls. They have quickly become one of the top three inmate calling providers nationwide.


Since becoming an inmate calling network, they have grew their network to over 346,000 customers. They enjoy being able to choose features and services directly from their website for less than competitor networks. Join Securus online for great promotional offers for additional savings on inmate calls today.


OSI Food Solutions Answers High Demands With Expansion

12,000 tons of processed chicken produced annually is a lot of chicken for one company. So doubling that production and producing 24,000 tons (that’s 48 million pounds!) of processed chicken annually is a whole lot more! That’s exactly what OSI Food Solutions is doing by increasing production at their Toledo, Spain facility two fold with an investment of 17 million euros to complete the project in 2017.

When you combine their chicken, pork and beef production amounts together it results in a quality product output that totals over 45,000 tons a year as a result of this expansion project. 90 million pounds of high quality meat and poultry will come out of the Toledo plant operation per year. Extending the current staff from 140 people to 160 with the expansion requiring 20 new jobs be added to keep up with the new production numbers. One of the new jobs created is the role of Product Development Manager, whose responsibilities will include oversight of new products developed as well as refining and improving current products produced.

The already successful OSI Food Solutions already high demand has progressively increased and OSI Food Solutions reacted accordingly. Annually for the regional area of Portugal and Spain, chicken demand has had a 6% increase in growth has been consistent over the last 10 years with the last 3 years showing an 8% increase with demand expected to continue to rise in the near future

The capacity addition enables OSI Food Solutions to carry out a strategy for expansion that will satisfy current customers as they continue to grow themselves as well as attract new customers within the retail and foodservice marketplaces. As well as expand their own line of products offered and new additions to their high quality product list.

The following upgraded additions were included in the recent expansion project:

Hot water and nitrogen tanks

Facility supplies storage

A new production hall

Service areas for oil

A product development kitchen

Refrigerated rooms for waste container storage

F social area for employees

Shipping and receiving areas

In total the entire expansion resulted in 22,600 square feet of new state of the art additions to the facility that was originally built in 1990. These latest moves will assure that OSI Food Solutions sustains it’s past success well into the future. Full link

James Larkin of Ireland

The early times were those faced with various challenges and certain issues in the society. For instance, people whose background was not that pleasant were deemed to be failures. The rich were then thought to be successful. But cannot always be the nature of life. James Larkin is the first man in his time to change people’s perspective. Learn more about James Larkin:

Workers initially worshipped their employers, in that they respected them too much to the extent of ignoring their rights due to fear of being fired. They were, in other terms, at the mercies of their employers. This, therefore, would scrub off any hopes of uniting them for a common cause.

James Larkin lost his father. He replaced him at the workplace but was fired soon after he joined the firm. The other workers did not mind such happenings because they feared for their own jobs. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

This did not impress Jim, however. He was aware that he was inexperienced. But training him would have been a good start and much better than releasing him without giving him a chance to prove that he could do it.

This was the beginning of James Larkin’s socialism, although he did not realize it then. He went on looking for a job until he met Elizabeth Brown. Indeed, love is a beautiful thing and so is it the beginning of good things. James Larkin was soon adopted into a union that was well spoken of in England.

He was even given his first duty of organizing workers and employees against the immigration that was in the rising. The Chinese were fast-filling posts that could be given to workers of England due to the high unemployment levels in the county. James then soon left NUDL.

His eyes had then been opened, and his mentality broadened. Larkin knew what his life needed, and he would stop at nothing until he had achieved it. James Larkin’s friend lay to rest when he died in Ireland.

This happened in the Easter Rising and was a great blow to Jim Larkin considering how close he and James Connolly were. The organization he formed afterward was to be in memory of the gone friend. James Larkin then soon was also gone to the world, for eternity.

José Auriemo Neto: JHSF’s CEO and Chairman

José Auriemo Neto of JHSF Participacoes SA, is both its CEO (chief executive officer) and chairman. Jhsf Participacoes SA is a Brazilian company involved in the real estate development industry. The company develops several properties in Brazil, both residential and commercial. He oversees the company’s public developments, such as hotels and office buildings. Auriemo Neto is also in charge of JHSF’s portfolio of retail properties. Sao Paulo’s Cidade Jardim shopping center, Salvador’s Bela Vista Salvador and Ponta Negra in Manaus are all examples of retail and shopping properties that are included in this portfolio. Additionally, there are two more properties located in the Sao Paulo area that are currently being developed.

Back in the year 2009, Aureimo Neto oversaw JHSF’s very first retail deal. An exclusive partnership agreement was singed with Jimmy Choo and Hermes Pucci. The Cidade Jadrim shopping center, which is owned by JHSF, is the location where these two luxury brands opened their very first retail outlets. After singing a similar partnership in 2012 with Valentino, the group was able to launch Brazil’s first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino shops.

Auremo Neto attended Sao Paulo’s Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University when he was younger. Afterwards, he initially started working with JHSF in the year 1993. In 1997, Auriemo Neto founded Parkbem, a management company for parking lots, which was the beginning of the group’s successful services department. Then, in 1998, he began overseeing the group’s development of the Shopping Santa Cruz, which was the first of JHSF’s many successful shopping destinations.

OSI Group & The 21st Century Foodservice Revolution

We are living in some of the most modern of times. Technology is fueling society in in many ways, and technology is used in just about every sector of business. The foodservice industry is no exception to the rule because it’s loaded with plenty of technologically advanced companies. Have you ever heard of OSI Group? If you haven’t heard, then you’re not alone. OSI Group is a worldwide leader in foodservices. These aren’t your average everyday foodservices. This company can literally handle the entire logistical process thanks to its extended capabilities. That’s right! OSI can provide distribution, processing, management and development. You won’t find another foodservice provider with this much clout and this much capability.

Who benefits from the services? Well, this question is very easy to answer because this extraordinary company provides services for schools, for general retailors, for restaurants and for supermarkets. The options are literally endless. Some of its more popular clients are KFC, Burger King, Yum, Saizeriya, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks. One of the company’s first high-profile clients was McDonald’s. The famous hamburger-chain restaurant received some of the freshest of meats in the immediate area. Until this very day, these two companies have continued to work with each other and that speaks volumes. OSI Group has left a lasting impression in China.

The country’s economy has skyrocketed from OSI’s 20-year presence. As of today, the company just so happens to be the largest producer of poultry in China. This comes from operating over eight innovative facilities. In addition to that, the company has built a magnificent state-of-the-art feed mill in China’s Shandong Province. This feed mill is by far the largest feed mill in the country, and it holds an annual capacity of more than 600,000 metric-tones. OSI Group is simply outperforming the competitors by a general margin. Unlike other foodservice providers, it has a brilliant way of thinking. OSI is always pushing for better products as well as pushing for more growth. This company started out as just a small meat market, but as of today, it is a multi-billion dollar business.

Securus Technologies Highly Reputed Technology Firm in the Correctional Sphere

One of the companies that have been contributing a lot to the correctional sphere in the last few years due to its focus on innovation and research is Securus Technologies. The company has an extensive research facility in Dallas, Texas, where it is headquartered. The primary motive of the company is to develop products and services that would be of immense help to the people associated with the correctional industry, whether it is law enforcement officers or the inmates. The inmate’s communication services offered by Securus Technologies is highly advanced, and it makes sure that the customers can communicate with their loved ones with ease and without spending a lot of money.


Spending time in incarceration can be difficult, and it can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being over a period. However, staying connected to the outside world with the help of inmates communication services can help tremendously. The company was established in the year 1986 and has come a long way since then. Not only does the company offers excellent inmate communication services, but is also known for a range of other correctional products and services including the investigative services and solutions. The law enforcement officers that use the investigative services of Securus Technologies find it very helpful and have even written letters of appreciation to Securus Technologies. The company is flooded with e-mails and messages from the law enforcement agencies and officers saying how its products and services have made it easier for them to reduce the crime rate in the community.


Securus Technologies issued a press release where it published positive comments of its customers for a greater awareness of what the products and services of the company are capable of. It has also helped in boosting the confidence in the company and enhance its market reputation.



What Businesses are Looking for in Ecommerce Personalization Tools

Many businesses all over the globe are doing everything that they can to stay relevant in a very competitive marketplace today. Even though the internet is a great place to establish an online business, every industry tends to have their own way of conducting business. Specifically, when it comes to finding a specialty that they cater to in order to make a profit. Since profit margins can vary greatly from one organization to the other, one of the main goals for any company is to find the best software applications to promote their products and services. One type of business in particular involves ecommerce and the type of marketing that they use to ensure their profit margins always remain high.


To make sure companies are reaching their target goals, the latest trends include deploying ecommerce personalization strategies on their sites. Having said that, this is one of the primary reasons why ecommerce personalization tools are becoming a necessity in marketing campaigns and not a luxury. These software products cover a wide diversity of areas including the following:

Tools for Small Businesses

In previous times, the availability of ecommerce personalization was often limited to the larger businesses and corporations. This is because the cost of these applications was relatively expensive to fund, deploy and monitor. However, because of the high interest and proven results, these tools are becoming more available for the small businesses as well. All the owner of the business has to do today is find the software that will accommodate their specific needs. This is especially the case if they want their ecommerce personalization campaigns to provide the analytics needed to offer the best personalization experience for all consumers that visit their site.

Differentiation in Features

Before a small business owner chooses a personalization software for their website, is essential that they know exactly what the features in these applications should entail. Though some of these software applications may give the business owner a few of the basics needed, most small business owners are usually looking for those tools that will give them the optimum advantage over others in the same or similar industry. As a result of these primary objectives, it is essential that everyone does a thorough job researching and choosing the best personalization software application possible. For instance, when the small owner wants a software application that is going to be more comprehensive, they are normally searching for a software tool that will provide personalization based on geo-location, lead scores, search terms, and user behavior.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is an American actor, director, and producer originally from New Brunswick, New Jersey. He took on his first acting role in 1999 at the age of 17 on a soap opera called Another World. From that point on, Paul played many other small roles in both film and television but reached a massive turning point in his career in 2009. Paul was made famous from his starring role as good brother and vampire, Stefan Salvatore, in the CW’s hit show The Vampire Diaries. He also eventually served as director for the show for 5 episodes and as producer for 16 episodes.
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley
Back in 2014, Paul took on his first opportunity to be a producer for the film Before I Disappear, written and directed by long time friend, Shawn Christensen. In this film, Paul also plays the role of a bowling alley owner and thug named Gideon. Also in 2014, Paul takes on the role of Charlie, a manipulative hedge fund manager who tries to convince his cousin to invest in his illegal operations, in the romantic comedy Amira & Sam.
More recently, in 2016, Paul fulfilled a long time dream of starring in a play, titled Cal in Camo. He plays the role of Flynt, the brother of main character Cal. Flynt is a man of few words, who is desperately trying to get over the death of his wife. In his attempt to move on, he stays with his sister Cal and her husband Tim, only to discover they’re all facing issues of their own.
Paul Wesley