Toni Pugliese Offers Up a Highly Positive NewsWatch TV Review

Tori Pugliese, a Senior Director of Marketing as SteelSeries, began working with NewsWatchTV back in 2013. Pugliese felt like the team she worked with truly understood all of her business’s needs and had a firm grasp on the importance of positive public relations (PR).


Pugliese, in a recent video review of NewsWatch TV, explained that, when it comes to PR, the team she worked with understood how to deliver a message to customers in a realistic way that they could easily understand.


All in all, she had such a great experience with NewsWatch TV that she felt compelled to thank the company for its hard work and for the PR content it provided, which she has been able to use in multiple ways and on various platforms.


Pugliese is only one of many who have had and shared positive experiences with Newswatch TV. Others are welcome to try the company out for themselves and to have their own positive experiences as well.


For those not familiar with NewsWatch, it is a television show that seeks to be both entertaining and informative. It features everything from consumer news to reviews of new products to government news and more. Some reviews and other programs on the show are sponsored, which means that you can have your business discussed and promoted through the show.

Is NewsWatch TV Legit? A Review of NewsWatch TV

No matter what its subject matter, the show is high quality, having won several awards. These include a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award in 2017 and a national Videographer Award in the same year. This show is never quickly thrown together but, as these awards demonstrate, always seeks to offer quality entertainment and value.


If you’re interested in learning more about Newswatch and how it can help you, be sure to contact the company for more information.


Jacob Gottlieb – Astute Investor with a knack for Success

Jacob Gottlieb is an investor and analyst with a drive for success. He heads the Visium Asset management LLC in his role as Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner. Jacob Gottlieb has many years of experience in investments and trading. He led the transformation of his firm. He ensured that Visium had top-rated management executives at the helm, who were as committed to the success of his company as Gottlieb himself.

Jacob Gottlieb’s education was a unique combination of medical and financial training. Brooklyn is the birthplace of Jacob Gottlieb. Somewhere during the 1960s, Gottlieb and his family, consisting of his mother, father, and brothers, entered America. He graduated with honors in Economics from Brown University, located in Rhode Island. He then went on to study medicine at New York University Medical School. His dual influences of medicine and economics result from his parent’s careers. His mother practices as a pediatrician, while his father has a job as an economist. However, his chief interest lay in the world of investment. Jacob Gottlieb has had an interest in stock trading since childhood. His father recognized his latent potential as a smart investor early in life and encouraged him to hone his talent.

Jacob Gottlieb established himself as an expert investor and developed his career in finances. The Association for Investment Management and Research conferred him with the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst in 2001. He created a company called Visium Asset Management LLC in 2005. Jacob Gottlieb had an extraordinary vision for Visium and transformed it into a hedge fund that was as competent and successful as others. Jacob Gottlieb has also served as Portfolio Manager at Merlin Financial and a co-creator of Balyasny Asset Management in the past. He has also held the post of the buy-side strategic planner at Sanford C. Bernstein.

Jacob Gottleib

Jacob Gottlieb supports and contributes to Covenant House. It is a non-profit organization that assists children and adolescents who are homeless. It provides shelter to such individuals as well as helps them establish a career for themselves so that they are independent. Covenant House also rescues children from the crime of human trade. It provides shelter, support, and advocacy to such children who are helpless and in severe need of help. Jacob Gottlieb’s philanthropic efforts extend to other organizations such as Math for America (MFA) that support mathematics and science teaching initiatives and Robin Hood society that fights against poverty, as well.

Larkin and Lacey: Turning a Positive into a Negative

It can be argued that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is extremely tenacious. Though he found himself in a tough spot, he used his political connections to weasel out of answering for his crimes yet again. Phoenix New Times creators Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know the former Sheriff well and his ability to get away with, yet another crime does not surprise them.

In fact, Lacey believes that Arpaio foresaw the end of his reign over Maricopa County and he took great pains to be sure that there was a safety net in place for him should he be charged.

The Phoenix New Times published an article on their website entitled “The Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio: newspaperman Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Speak out in Response to Donald Trump’s Pardon of America’s Worst Sheriff” that discusses Arpaio’s dealings as well as their own personal run-in with him.

The thing is, Arpaio was charged with contempt after he failed to meet the terms of a court ruling against him that required him to report to a court supervisor and make some serious changes to the police department’s business practices. Arpaio had been targeting people of the immigrant population and those citizens of the United States that he believed were illegal immigrants.

He made these assumptions based on the way that they looked and harassed many unduly. This led to a class-action lawsuit, which Maricopa County lost to the tune of $70 million. It was later found that Arpaio did not adhere to the terms of the lawsuit.

Pres. Donald Trump stepped in and prevented Arpaio from going to prison, a move that did not surprise Lacey in the least. Lacey and Larkin have had their share of dealings with the former Sheriff. Not only had he been engaged in corruption for years, but he also arrested the two journalists in their homes in 2007. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This was because of an investigation that the Phoenix New Times was conducting into Arpaio’s landholdings. Throughout the course of publishing, Arpaio’s address was printed online and Arpaio’s office issued a subpoena to the media group. Larkin and Lacey took to their newspaper to discuss the overly broad subpoena, for which they were later arrested.

In this case, Arpaio had overreached his power and the two men were released very quickly. Not only had the public gotten upset over the arrest, but a judge agreed that Larkin and Lacey were jailed in direct violation of their human rights and awarded them $3.75 million for their suffering.

Instead of using the money for something personal or trivial, the men decided to funnel it into something that mattered.

With this money, they created the Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund which would help fund programs for the migrant population in Arizona. The fund is also paired with other like-minded organizations to help increase the visibility of these people.

While Arpaio is no longer Sheriff, there are still obstacles that immigrants in the United States face. These programs are geared towards helping them.

Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

Doe Deere Is The Cosmetic Queen Who Has Some Very Normal Kinds Of Routines

Doe Deere is a fashion diva and queen of cosmetics that has been a part of the world of makeup for many years, now. Her makeup features bold colors and she inspires people to live life the way they want to live it. Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia, and she has always had a knack for entrepreneurship. All of the way back to a time when her friends and herself would dress up during overnight parties, she has always loved makeup. It was during her time attending grade school that she began her first entrepreneurial venture, and this was when she sold temporary tattoos to people at school.


When Doe Deere was just 17, she moved away from Russia all of the way to New York City. She originally moved to the city to follow her dreams of being a musician, and she met her husband during that time who is now the President of Lime Crime. Doe Deere has a specific morning routine, and it starts at 8:30 every morning when she gets out of bed. The first thing she does in the morning is to get some nice views of nature outside of her window. She then drinks a tall glass of water down, which helps her to stay hydrated in the dry climate of Los Angeles. After this, she will get some stretching in and then enjoy a nice, light breakfast. Some of her favorite breakfast foods include yogurt, fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, and even grits. She will then check her phone to see what messages she has and will go over the business of the day with her team at Lime Crime.


Doe Deere also has a makeup routine that she follows on a daily basis. The first thing she does before she gets started is to turn on her favorite music, and one of her all-time favorites is the Beatles. She ensures her hair will be dry in the morning by taking her showers the night before. She will then take her curling iron and create the big curly hair she is known for. Before applying her foundation, she washes and moisturizes her face, and then she gets busy filling in her eyebrows. She closes the affair out by putting on her lipstick and blush, which is her favorite makeup activity.


Before she heads out for the day for work, she loves to hang out with her cats. After she spends some quality time with them, she goes to her office where she chats with her team during the lunch hour. After this, she is in meetings for most of the day, and then she heads home at around 6:00pm. Learn more:


Todd Lubar: Helping People with Mortgage Issues

Todd Lubar is an American serial entrepreneur who is managing his businesses in several industries, including construction, entertainment, and mortgage banking. He is well known for his unique methods in serving the public, especially in the field of mortgage banking, and he is helping everyone who wanted to own a home. He founded two companies that would help the people with their mortgage issues, which also serves as a place where they can start investing to earn additional profit. These companies are the TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Legendary Investments, where he served as the president and the executive vice president, respectively. Todd Lubar has more than 20 years of experience serving the said industry, and through the years, he was recognized by the government, and he was given several awards for his assistance in helping the people to know more about mortgages. Todd Lubar stated that he must serve the people and to provide them with the knowledge on how mortgages work. He is also happy to share some financial advice to the public, and he knows how the United States lacks proper training and education to its citizens on how investments and trading work. Check out Yelp to see more.

20 years ago, Todd Lubar noticed that a lot of Americans lack the ability to save money and to become wealthier. He realized that not everyone is blessed with the knowledge on how to manage their money, and a lot lacks financial literacy. That became his signal to create the TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Legendary Investments, which aims to provide the public with training and seminars that would allow them to enjoy their wealth. Through his effort and dedication, more people have become aware of how they would have to spend their money, and a huge number of Americans quickly became financially literate. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Many people have thanked Todd Lubar for sharing his knowledge to the public. Todd Lubar, on the other hand, is delighted that the knowledge he shared is being used for the better. He is looking forward to more people who would be asking for his assistance to become successful and efficient.

The Upcoming Future of Fashion Starts at The Academy of Art University

Fashion has always been a mainstay in the public eye. From trends that teens across the world seek out to dress like their peers to the hottest new trends celebrities that span the globe wear to grab attention. Fashion is always evolving and changing. Though there are, of course, some fashion staples that exist, it are the new releases that come every year that truly grab the attention of everyone.

Not all have the budget, fashion sense or courage to wear all of the off the runway looks, but, many of those even elaborate options tend to make their way in to everyday fashion. This is because it are those high name and brand designers that launch new collections with cutting edge color palettes, shapes and designs. However, there is a more unique offering within the fashion world and it truly is one that shapes the face of fashion to come.

This is where fashion design students come in to play. Those who have stayed the course through programs such as those at The Academy of Art University are truly the new generation of designers and dreamers that need to be watched. In fact, The Academy of Art University holds and hosts their own fashion show, complete with celebrity guests, high end models and catwalks. This runway unveiling of the upper echelon and graduate students at the Academy has been drawing rave reviews for 21 years.

The fashions and designs unveiled during this seemingly lower tier fashion show has come to be one that all eyes tend to focus on these days. In the era of unknowns attaining stardom and praise, this is the one fashion industry offering that truly gets to the heart of the future of fashion. This is not a high school science fair event. It is filled with luxury and style. The grace and charm of the designers, many who maintain their humbleness, truly make the Academy of Art University event one that has been heralded as the must tend event for those who are and want to be in the know about the future of fashion.

Let these party tips help ease your mind

With a little elbow grease and some smart planning you can throw a fantastic holiday party for your family and friends. Start off your planning by sending out invites. Pique your guests interests with creative invitations that will have them saying yes to your RSVP. Now the food and decorations don’t necessarily have to scream that you spend all your life savings on them. You can find good decor and reasonable prices, just shop around. You can also use throw away plates and silverware to keep clean up fast and easy. The same goes with food. Don’t spend all your time being stuck in the kitchen when you can find fun and easy food at the store, appetizer style. Looking for the right venue that sets the mood? Often times restaurants and hotels feature rooms that would perfectly fit the party of your dreams. Most of these places also include services like food, decor, and of other services so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. Give back to the community during the holiday season by asking guests to bring an unwrapped gift or toy to those less fortunate. Not only does it feel good to give back, but giving a less fortunate child a gift may brighten up their life more than you know. One thing you don’t want to forget is some killer music. It’s not the same without tunes playing in the background. You can put together a few holiday mixes to get your guests in the mood to celebrate.

Hiring event planning companies NYC is a great way to throw a party without the stress of doing it yourself. Twenty Three Layers is taking the cake when it comes to excellence and their eye for detail. Looking for corporate event planners NYC? Twenty Three Layers can host your next business meeting or event with ease.

Twenty Three Layers is the premier event planning companies NYC according to all of their successful testimonials from clients like Google, The David Lynch Foundation, and Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. Due to the fact that they are a full service company, they can provide a variety of services that their clients may need.


The Frontera Fund Fights for DACA

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a program that provides reprieve from deportation for young undocumented youth and gives them the opportunity to study and work in The United States for a renewable period of two years. DACA applicants have to seek the services of a qualified attorney before submitting their applications to the immigration department. This program is suitable for individuals who are below 31 years of age who came to the United States before their 16th birthday. Individuals who have been charged with a criminal offense or felony are not eligible for this program.

However, this program is under threat of being withdrawn if the GOP gets its way. They want the program phased off where no new applications and renewals will be possible. This has made members of the Hispanic caucus to hold discussions with government representatives regarding the planned action. Currently, the program has had positive benefits for the US and it is in its fifth year of implementation. Almost all beneficiaries of the program study or work in the United States. Studies have indicated that the program is a success and one then wonders why it is under threat of being withdrawn.

This is the main reason why Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has involved itself in fighting this planned action by providing guidelines, information and assistance to this end. Their main objective is to fight for the preservation of DACA and push for a DREAM Act legislation.It is in this regard that DACA beneficiaries and their supporters are applying pressure to the government by staging protests across the country.

They are staging sit-ins to force the administration to consider passing a DREAM Act type of legislation. This type of legislation will allow undocumented youth and beneficiaries to reside in the country legally and have a work permit that will also allow them to work legally. These types of protests are usually supported by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which has been recording and posting the live videos on Facebook to inform the general populace of the ongoing developments in DACA-related issues.


Vijay Eswaran’s First Bestseller Book Still Has A Powerful Message More Than 10 Years Later

Vijay Eswaran may be a businessman first, but he only considers that to be a small part of his live’s work.

His personal goals have been to inspire people and even make sacrifices of his own for them to succeed in the same way his father Vijayratnam taught him to do. He penned the book “In The Sphere Of Silence” back in 2005, yet as time has passed he’s felt it applies to today more than ever. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

The idea behind “In The Sphere Of Silence” was to show people how taking moments throughout the day to observe silence and perhaps meditate or read other books could help you refocus and be better prepared for the day ahead.

Eswaran says that today’s world is just too full of distractions coming from technology and a business world that’s more fast-paced than ever. He says it’s good sometimes to just disconnect and take some moments to find your inner peace and to be at peace with others.

Vijay Eswaran is Malaysian-born but his family is actually Indian. He has always admired his father Vijayratnam for his selflessness and showing him how helping others can bring your own happiness.

Vijay Eswaran was afforded the opportunity to attend the famous London School of Economics where he completed his undergraduate work, and then after a year of doing odd jobs pursued an MBA at Southern Illinois University.

It was in the 1990s that he started finding his business niche when he was asked to help the Cosway Group start a branch in the Philippines, and that’s when he also met Joseph Bismark who’s been his longtime business partner and together they founded QI Group Ltd. in Hong Kong. Recently their chief sales company QNET hired Tennis professional Martina Hingis to be the company’s Brand Ambassador.

The charity work of Vijay Eswaran is most known to be done through RYTHM Foundation, and he and his wife also fund the Vijayratnam Foundation named after his late father.

In addition to “In The Sphere Of Silence,” Eswaran also wrote “On The Wings Of Thought” and “18 Stepping Stones.”

He’s also spoken several times at the World Economic Forum, a summit that many political leaders gather at, and he’s also been cited in Forbes Asia’s Top 50 Most Wealthy listing.

Anthony Petrello Shows How It Should Be Done In Philanthropy

Anthony Petrello showed the world how on the company can make a difference when disaster strikes. Hurricane Harvey created a disaster when it hit the local areas surrounding Houston, Texas. Nabors Industries, where Petrello is Chairman and CEO, helped save the day. When a company steps up and does that for such a disaster, it speaks highly of their dedication to more than just a profit.

Valued at over $68 millions dollars, the company has been turning heads for years. This help to the community has made a shining example of how it’s done. When a business cares enough to share, it’s a great sign of the integrity of their corporation.

Nabors Industries is a local drilling company in the Houston area where on a normal basis they also help their local food banks. It was no surprise when Petrello had them helping once again. The employees were given days off to go help out in the community. they were paid for that time too. Now that’s how it should always be done. They even installed an on-site kitchen to help feed people.

Anthony, known as Tony by his friends, is well known for his spirit of philanthropy. From New Jersey, he now lives in Houston with his family. His wife Cynthia is always there by his side for his work. From a place where he knew what it was to be in need, he has never forgotten how much being generous is needed in our world today.


One of his areas of philanthropy is neurological disorder research at Texas Children’s Hospital. Having encountered this in his life early on, he has always made generous donations to those who are researching the disorder for a cure.

He has also funded education through his philanthropic work. Over the years this has been an obsession. Yale has been one of the schools to receive a large number of donations from his generosity. Specifically, he has made a donation to remember one of his favorite educators who died some years ago. His donation of $150,000 to Yale in memory of Professor Serge Lang was put to good use for those students studying that area where Serge taught.

Petrello’s position is well known in the company as CEO. The future holds many exciting things in the world. Their work in drilling is making the world better for energy use and locally, his philanthropy is showing other companies how it’s done.