Copa Star: The Real Superstar in Brazilian Healthcare

Copa Star plundered the healthcare sector of Brazil with a new concept called “high-quality patient care with ultra-modern amenities” when it opened in October 2016. The hospital which is located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, actually opened a great option of health care to the residents of the mega city. The hospital offers a unique way of care that combines comfort, qualified service, sophisticated technology, and luxury. The architecture of the hospital building reminds a five-star hotel with spacious corridors and large visitor areas with the artworks in each room. The hospital is built in a whopping 21,000 square meter area, and it spreads in seven floors.

The management of the hospital has worked closely with the project to make it more patient-centric. Each hospital bed is embedded with an iPad for the patients to control the surroundings, ask for the assistance, and see the various test results. The device is designed to provide a patient level autonomy, and it has specially designed application by the hospital installed. The app helps the users to adjust the lighting in the room, opening and closing the window sills or curtains, call the physicians and nurses, check the various test results, etc. The hospital which started its construction in 2013 with an estimated amount of $ 400 million, took almost three years to complete the work and to open it to the city residents.


Jorge Moll, the founder and the President of Rede D’Or São Luiz – the founding group of Copa Star, confirmed that the group wanted to give the best healthcare experience to the residents of Rio. “We made complex surgeries combined with qualified care and offered at Copa Star, before this, most of the city residents were forced to fly to Sao Paulo. The hospital ensures the facilities of five-star hotel accommodation with professional staff, and we create a condition for quicker recovery both physically and mentally,” Moll said. The hospital management offers greater freedom to patients and their relatives. The hospital corridors are for the free use of patients and their families as there is a separate pathway is given for the hospital staff. Also, each hospital room smells fragrance with warningly fresh air unlike other hospitals with ether. Visit the site to know more.

The hospital implemented the state-of-the-art technology which includes neurosurgery rooms enabled with integrated magnetic resonance equipment, intelligent operating rooms, telemedicine, hybrid rooms, and robotic medicine. While many think that the hospital is only accessible for the wealthy, it is not the actual case. The management of the hospital confirms that it accepts all types of payment and work on many insurance plans. Considering the grand success of the hospital model, Copa Star is on a mission to expand to all the major cities in Brazil; it started with the Brasilia and Sao Paulo as the constructions of the branches in both the cities are going on.