Drone Detection Protects Facility Security

Drones are very popular aerial devices that can be used to transport contraband to a facility that houses inmates. In fact, drones are hard to detect and may require additional support. That’s when the popular drone detection technology was introduced by Securus. They will use their technology to monitor drone activity and there won’t be a need for any additional monitoring or support. Securus will be able to intercept a drone mid-air without tube threat of jeopardizing the facility, staff, or inmates. Their new drone detection technology is set to be released soon and is currently being used at test facilities.


Recent Securus News


Securus has made business news because of several of their accomplishments, but Business Newswire did an extensive report on their recent certification 1 that allows their customers to have access to international inmate calls. If you find yourself detained overseas, Securus has the quality advanced solution to help you process your inmate calls. You can have the proper telecommunications to reach out to your parents, friends, or love ones, when your unfortunately, detained overseas. The estimated deal behind the international deal goes undisclosed. The deal has been a success for all parties involved with more freedom for international telecommunications.


Why Thousands Are Choosing Securus


Securus is a popular inmate calling network that has long since served as one of the largest in North America. Their base calling network allows their customers to talk over a secure network without the worry of excessive fees or dropped calls. A a former regulation provider, their priority remains their customers. They also have a web forum that allows customer feedback, service referral, and they can report crimes. You aren’t own your own when you’re navigating your new or existing account with live online support features.


What’s New With Securus


Securus has enacted several new Securus features. You can use their new payment processing technology to process your payment in 1 to 24 hours. They have acquired the GovPayNet system which serves as one of the largest government debit and credit card payment system. Securus has partnered with GovPayNet to encrypted network with additional financial security. You can send an inmate money and get it to them fast with their new payment technology. Securus remains the leaders in exclusive, but proven technology results for quality and affordable inmate calls. They have quickly become one of the top three inmate calling providers nationwide.


Since becoming an inmate calling network, they have grew their network to over 346,000 customers. They enjoy being able to choose features and services directly from their website for less than competitor networks. Join Securus online for great promotional offers for additional savings on inmate calls today.


Securus Technologies Highly Reputed Technology Firm in the Correctional Sphere

One of the companies that have been contributing a lot to the correctional sphere in the last few years due to its focus on innovation and research is Securus Technologies. The company has an extensive research facility in Dallas, Texas, where it is headquartered. The primary motive of the company is to develop products and services that would be of immense help to the people associated with the correctional industry, whether it is law enforcement officers or the inmates. The inmate’s communication services offered by Securus Technologies is highly advanced, and it makes sure that the customers can communicate with their loved ones with ease and without spending a lot of money.


Spending time in incarceration can be difficult, and it can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being over a period. However, staying connected to the outside world with the help of inmates communication services can help tremendously. The company was established in the year 1986 and has come a long way since then. Not only does the company offers excellent inmate communication services, but is also known for a range of other correctional products and services including the investigative services and solutions. The law enforcement officers that use the investigative services of Securus Technologies find it very helpful and have even written letters of appreciation to Securus Technologies. The company is flooded with e-mails and messages from the law enforcement agencies and officers saying how its products and services have made it easier for them to reduce the crime rate in the community.


Securus Technologies issued a press release where it published positive comments of its customers for a greater awareness of what the products and services of the company are capable of. It has also helped in boosting the confidence in the company and enhance its market reputation.



How Securus Technologies is Making Public Safety a Priority

Securus Technologies is a company dedicated to providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the safety of the public and other investigative purposes in correctional facilities across the U.S. The company has developed a Wireless Containment System (WCS), which is a tried and tested contraband interdiction technology proven to work in correctional facilities. Robert Johnson, an ex-prison officer and now a consultant with the firm, is a dedicated advocate of the firm’s WCS technology.


In 2010, Robert, an employee at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina, had the primary duty of confiscating contraband in the prison facilities. Robert, who had 15 years of experience at the time, did his job so well that it apparently led to him being shot. Before his shooting, they had intercepted a large package of contraband, valued at almost $50,000 by a prison gang. Two weeks after the interception of the contraband, Robert’s home was broken into during the early morning hours, and he was shot six times. It is a miracle how he survived. The hit was organized by inmates in prison using a contraband cell phone and $6,000 on a re-loadable Greendot card. The inmates contacted Echols, a former inmate who had been recently released from prison to be the hit man. After surviving the incident, Robert committed his life to ensuring no one else loses their life due to inmates having access to contraband cell phones. He prays he doesn’t get to hear about another story like his or that of Kendarius Edwards Jr, a nine-month-old child who was killed in her mother’s arms. The murder was orchestrated by three gang members in a cell facility using a contraband cell phone because they had a score to settle with the child’s uncle.


Recently, another Facebook Live Video filmed by an inmate using a contraband phone, in which he was brandishing a knife circulated the internet. This is unlikely for correctional facilities and states that are entrusted with the public safety and that of inmates. However, I think the incident could have been averted should the facility have Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) installed. The inmate’s cell would not have been able to connect to the commercial wireless network. In March, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which regulates the airwaves used by cell phone providers, accepted to make the process easier for prisons to access contraband interdiction technology such as Securus’ WCS. According to Richard Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, the FCC has reduced the bureaucratic procedures and permitted wireless carriers to work with correctional facilities.


I think Securus’ Technologies WCS works well to control cell phone calls from inmates. The technology sets up a cell phone network that allows facilities to have control over incoming or outgoing calls from the facility. Only numbers that are known and verified are allowed to connect. If a call comes from an unknown number, it is unable to connect. Emergency calls such as 911 can easily connect to the facility. The WCS has already helped to block more than 1,7 million unauthorized communication attempts from prisons across the U.S.

A Better Life for People on All Sides

A company from Dallas started in the eighties is making its way to the top of the business chain for technology innovation companies. They have several offices in Texas and Georgia and has an employee list of around a thousand people who are passionate about modern technology and the advancement of it. They work with more than two thousand correctional facilities in the US and Canada. They provide technology solutions that allow correctional facilities to upgrade and develop their technology network, pulling them into the 21st century. Their revenue is still growing since they are not showing any sign of stopping their work.


Securus Technologies created a video call system that allows people who are incarcerated to stay in touch with the world. This way they don’t miss out on different events in the lives of their loved ones. It encourages and motivates people and gives them a little bit of positivity and normalcy which are hard to come by in a prison environment. It also inspires people to spend the time learning and educating themselves, so they have a clear path in mind when they leave the correctional facility and return to the outside world.


Securus Technologies works hard to create new ways for people to reach out to the outside world in a controlled way. It also means that all communication is monitored, making all calls recorded as well. They are then passed on to the law enforcement officers if necessary to help them battle crime in the outside world more efficiently. It is an asset law enforcement utilizes on cases they are working on and avoiding new cases landing on their desks.


Modern technology is necessary to take advantage of since it makes people’s lives easier and more secure. It is one of the reasons companies work on technology solutions for the future.



Securus Technologies Cracking a Cold Case Wide Open

When my team of special forces officers are trying to collect evidence in a cold case, we will make use of any resources that help us get the result desired. The case we were assigned this month was very problematic because we were dealing with a pair of fugitives who were not shy about their criminal activities. They recently were arrested for armed robbery and shooting of a police officer, but managed to get away when the judge inadvertently gave them bail.


The case was growing cold because they had been on the run for over a year, and it all but seemed like they had disappeared from our community, when all of a sudden they struck again, and they were not shy about bringing attention to themselves. The fugitives not only robbed a store in full view of the cameras, they were waving to the camera as if to say try and catch us.


Our only hope was getting to the jail and getting inmates to help us put together the pieces of this puzzle, but they wanted nothing to do with us. It was then that we discovered the officers in that jail were seeing incredible success in maintaining order by using the jail inmate call monitoring system. Securus Technologies was responsible for the training and installing of the same system then have in 2,600 other prisons. The company motto is making the world safe, something we had hoped the company could live up to today.


Those inmates that refused to help us directly were going to be key in locating these fugitives. One inmate in particular was on the phone later that day when we were alerted to the fact he was talking about us and how the suspects should lay low for a while. That call connected us to a lead that put us face to face with our suspect the following morning.


Utilizing Securus Technologies Can Reconnect You and a Friend or Family Member

If you have found it inconvenient to go through visitation processes at a jail facility, perhaps you have been left wishing that there were other ways to stay in contact with your friend or family members who may be in jail. Unfortunately, some of those who are the most closest to us end up getting in trouble at times, and as a result, it is somewhat of our obligations to ensure that they are doing okay be keeping in touch with them. By contacting them through the means of visitation, it lets them know that there is someone out there who is waiting for them to get out so that they can get things back together again. Although such form of communications is healthy, it is important to know that such visitation methods are not always possible. Oftentimes it is because the one who would have visited is unable to do so during the time of the visitation appointment.


By utilizing the great and innovative program of Securus Technologies, there are a vast array of ways an individual can contact the person who is currently “behind bars”. Securus Technologies is a beautifully designed program that enables people to take advantage of a technology interface of video conferencing from one location to the jail facility. It is a wonderful way to conduct a visitation appointment without the hassles that are often involved in setting appointments through jails. If you are wanting to utilize this newly designed program that is innovative in the highest regard, please feel free to contact a customer service representative who will provide you with the instructions that are required for one to follow to utilize it. You will find that the website is easy to navigate within and it is a great way to see your friend or family member on a regular basis as long as the jail allows its use.

Securus Technologies fights crime through advanced technology

Securus Technology is a leading company that strives to provide leading technology for investigation, correction, monitoring and safety in correction facilities. The nature of services rendered by the firm is attested by the multiple positive reviews it has received in the past year. The company recently received an A+ rating from BBB, an indication that the customer has improved its service delivery and customer experience.


Securus Technology included a sample of comments through formal letters and emails that the company received from jail officials in the United States. The company omitted reference to specific countries, states, and facilities due to security concerns. On a weekly basis, Securus tries to develop new products and improvements that should help officials prevent and solve criminal activities. According to the company CEO, the company has gone a long way to improving safety and creation of technology solutions that help in solving crimes.


One user of the communication system noted how easy it was to report data once there was a suspicious activity taking place in the facility. The software has eased the identification of contraband materials in the facility. The investigative tool makes it possible for staff to carry out investigations in case of a potential security threat within the facility. In another instance, a user made use of the covert alert feature that came with the Investigator Pro software. The use of the software assisted in taking of a suspect to custody.


Investigator Pro has allowed its users not to just identify a particular phone ID, but also the caller’s voice. The identification software has assisted investigators in determining if the party called by the inmate was a former inmate in the facility. Details of the conversations with the inmate, their friends and family have also been noted. The other benefit with the software is to find out if a particular inmate is in touch with former prisoners.

Securus Technologies Has Intense News

As a leader in their field, Securus Technologies takes on another prestigious acclaim. 11 of their specialists have received the BICSI Installer 1 Certification from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International. Securus Technologies holds this in the highest esteem, and is grateful for the efforts of BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies deals with the justice departments, both criminal and civil for the public’s safety. Their technologies assist with corrections and monitoring for one million prisoners that are located in various areas across North America. Securus Technologies takes pride in their employees, as they professionals in what the do, and they perform their work at the highest levels possible.

At BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International

The company, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International deals with the information and communication technology industry in many ways. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is known for various techniques that they use for data, voice and safety. When BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International assists with these types of businesses, their employees are a main force for what gets done.

In the company, Securus Technologies, they have acquired a lead in their industry that is not comparable with other companies. Securus Technologies is foreseeing that the future sees plenty of new technology to add to the public safety arena. An impressive amount of ingenuity goes into the every day proceedings at Securus Technologies. They produce in a way that no other company does. Making the most of what they have is what Securus Technologies has always done. When Securus Technologies steps to the plate, they create a buzz on what they do, making known the world over. It is important for Securus Technologies to continue to make inroads, and increase their presence in the community for public safety awareness.