Wessex Journals and The Changes In Our Enviornment

For decades, the Wessex Journals have been instrumental in teaching students at the Wessex Institute of Technology. Although the journals are equally impressive, they all serve a different purpose. In particular is International Journal of Environmental Impacts. What makes this journal so special is its ability to convey the social ills currently affecting our society. Due to an increased human population, our environment has to bear the burden.

As we contribute environmental problems, the Earth is undergoing rapid change. In addition to global warming, smog is becoming more pervasive than ever. As a result, people around the world are developing more respiratory problems. Water pollution is another main area to be concerned about. It has made the already scarce source of freshwater even more scarce. Unfortunately, wildlife is being victimized due to the irresponsible behaviors of humankind. In addition, plants are feeling the effects of environmental pollution more than ever.

The Wessex Institute: A World-Renowned Research Hub

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an educational and research institute offering higher education degrees. Founded in 1986, the general mission of WIT is to develop mechanisms to facilitate the exchange of information between academics and professionals. Located amid the historic New Forest National Park in England, the Institute’s activities revolve around three primary areas: research, conferences, and publishing.

WIT hosts a variety of research programs, including many collaborations with other research institutes around the world. WIT is also home to WIT Press, the Institute’s own publishing service, as well as the WIT Conference Program, which annually organizes 25 conferences on topic of interest to the international scientific community. Today, WIT is considered a valuable part of the international research community, and its conference program continues to grow each year.