Drone Detection Protects Facility Security

Drones are very popular aerial devices that can be used to transport contraband to a facility that houses inmates. In fact, drones are hard to detect and may require additional support. That’s when the popular drone detection technology was introduced by Securus. They will use their technology to monitor drone activity and there won’t be a need for any additional monitoring or support. Securus will be able to intercept a drone mid-air without tube threat of jeopardizing the facility, staff, or inmates. Their new drone detection technology is set to be released soon and is currently being used at test facilities.


Recent Securus News


Securus has made business news because of several of their accomplishments, but Business Newswire did an extensive report on their recent certification 1 that allows their customers to have access to international inmate calls. If you find yourself detained overseas, Securus has the quality advanced solution to help you process your inmate calls. You can have the proper telecommunications to reach out to your parents, friends, or love ones, when your unfortunately, detained overseas. The estimated deal behind the international deal goes undisclosed. The deal has been a success for all parties involved with more freedom for international telecommunications.


Why Thousands Are Choosing Securus


Securus is a popular inmate calling network that has long since served as one of the largest in North America. Their base calling network allows their customers to talk over a secure network without the worry of excessive fees or dropped calls. A a former regulation provider, their priority remains their customers. They also have a web forum that allows customer feedback, service referral, and they can report crimes. You aren’t own your own when you’re navigating your new or existing account with live online support features.


What’s New With Securus


Securus has enacted several new Securus features. You can use their new payment processing technology to process your payment in 1 to 24 hours. They have acquired the GovPayNet system which serves as one of the largest government debit and credit card payment system. Securus has partnered with GovPayNet to encrypted network with additional financial security. You can send an inmate money and get it to them fast with their new payment technology. Securus remains the leaders in exclusive, but proven technology results for quality and affordable inmate calls. They have quickly become one of the top three inmate calling providers nationwide.


Since becoming an inmate calling network, they have grew their network to over 346,000 customers. They enjoy being able to choose features and services directly from their website for less than competitor networks. Join Securus online for great promotional offers for additional savings on inmate calls today.