Madison Street Capital, A Banking Firm with Much Expertise

Madison Street Capital is a banking firm that is involved with international investment banking. It is a privately held company that has been operating for 12 years. It is located in Chicago, Illinois. Anthony Marsala is the chief operating officer. Madison Street Capital gives corporate financial advisory services to public and private businesses.


The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of excellence, integrity, leadership, knowledge, expertise, timeliness swiftness. They create corporate finance transactions in which the investors and the business owners mutually benefit. Madison Street Capital has tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience in every area of corporate finance, including deal structuring, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, specialized financings, fabrication, implementation of alternative exit strategies and market pricing and due diligence.


The areas of expertise that Madison Street Capital can help clients with include corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, financial opinions, asset management industry focus and wealth preservation and tax planning.


  •  In the realm of corporate advisory, Madison Street Capital is well versed on mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, reorganization services, bankruptcy services, ESOP advisory, buy out advisory, corporate governance and private placements.


  •  When it comes to business valuation, Madison Street Capital knows about company valuation and tax compliance.


  •  Concerning valuation for financial reporting, Madison Street Capital is quite knowledgeable in purchase price allocations, goodwill & intangible asset impairment, share based compensation and structured finance products.


  •  In respect to financial opinions, expertise is offered on independent 3rd party fairness opinions, and solvency and capital adequacy.



  •  On the subject of asset management industry focus, Madison Street Capital can offer services having to do with mergers and acquisitions advisory, portfolio valuation services, restructuring services and financial sponsor coverage.



Madison Street Capital can be contacted at (312)-529-7002. Their email is [email protected] Their address is Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC, 105 West Madison Street #1200, Chicago Illinois, 60602.



Lime Crime Makeup: Helps Protect Animals Rights

With Russian descent, and born in the late 1990s in New York City, Doe Deere, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of the cosmetic line Lime Crime, wakes up every morning drinking a glass of water to remain hydrated. She currently lives in Los Angeles, Calif., and along with drinking water in the morning, she also stretches every morning before actually eating breakfast after a good night’s rest. Deere explains to Savoir Flair’s beauty editor, Frankie Rozwadowska, that she believes in getting plenty of rest because relaxing, which is a way to unwind (rest), is a secret to clear, healthy skin.


However, “Doing my makeup is my favorite part of the morning because I get to spend time with myself and be free,” says Doe Deere to Rozwadowska, Feb., 12, 2017.


Deere even squeezes fresh oranges from her own orange trees to make juice in the morning! And, while applying her make-up listening to her favorite music, the first step begins with applying moisturizers, such as Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence, before applying her line of Lime Crime make-up. “Blush and lipstick are my favorite parts of my makeup routine,” Deere says to Rozwadowska. She goes on explaining that color, like pink and red blush and lipstick, adds life to her face.


This mean that Deere uses her own Lime Crime original liquid Matte Velvetine Lipstick, which launched in 2012, with over 40 shades of color, and growing. This also includes her Diamond Crusher line of Crime Lime lipstick with currently nine Iridescent lip toppers to choose from.


“The Velvetines are also vegan – meaning, they contain no animal-derived ingredients” points out Deere to The Story Exchange.


Deere successfully started Lime Crime Makeup at the end of October in 2008 with a focus of matching her cosmetics perfectly with the trends of her fashionable clothing styles. By doing so, Doe Deere also focused on her values of being cruelty-free, and with her passion for colors and animals, became known worldwide by millions of followers who purchase her Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup online.


Lime Crime Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup is Certified by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Doe Deere, her associates, and PETA’s mission is to prevent animal abuse. In addition, Lime Crime is also Leaping Bunny Certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), another organization, along with others, work together protecting animal rights.

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Recruiting Top Notch Talent with The Brown Agency

The Brown Agency is a world-renowned modeling agency that has been striving to raise the bar on modeling since it opened its doors in 2010. The Brown Agency is based in Austin, Texas and is part of famous The Brown Agency Family. This particular branches opening goals were to establish important market standards and expectations. These types of standards hadn’t been seen in Austin before this office opened.

Positive Impact

The Brown Agency offers models opportunities they may never have access to with another modeling agency. They can become recognized quicker, and some models have gone on to work with big names in the fashion world like Louis Vitton, Toyota, Loreal, and Dell. The models have also walked runways in several shows including:The Brown Agency prides itself on giving its models the tools they need to achieve the highest level possible in their careers. They deliver elegant, sophisticated, and professional talent to shows all over the country.

  • Austin Fashion Week
  • Dallas Fashion Week
  • New York Fashion Week
  • Miami Swim Week and much more

Justin Brown

According to Market Wired, the Brown Agency’s Justin Brown worked his way through college by working at a modeling agency for fit modeling. He began his career when he was placed in Development and Placing. He assisted models in finding jobs and trained them to act like professionals. In 2005, he moved to Austin, where he connected with the city and the talent the city had to offer, and he started his own business soon after. Austin’s talent is more edgy, featuring wild colored hair, piercings, and tattoos; and they are getting national attention. This company makes its money by taking an individual cut of the profits for every job. A modeling job is a 20 percent cut, a 15 percent cut for films and television jobs, and a 10 percent cut for union jobs.

The Brown Agency strives for perfection and is getting closer and closer to that goal. Everyone is held to a strict standard of excellence, and they are surpassing it. They are continuing to recruit new talent and keep setting them up for success. This agency will be around for decades to come and will continue bringing top-notch talent to the table.

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Fabletics – Highly Competitive Athleisure Brand Giving Giants Like Amazon a Tough Time

Fabletics, a subsidiary brand of TechStyle Fashion Group, is a company that is co-owned by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. Fabletics was launched with the idea of making waves in the fitness clothing market, and it did so with tremendous success. The popularity of the brand can also be attributed to the famous Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson, who is one of the co-owners of Fabletics.


She is the one who has actively participated in the marketing of the brand and taking it to such great heights of success in a very short period. As of now, the company is doing an annual business of over $300 million, and the figure keeps rising every quarter. It is because Fabletics is an aspirational brand that offers low priced athleisure products, the quality of which is on par with any of the other athleisure brands in the market, or better.


Kate Hudson says that the company uses data extensively in making crucial business and management decisions. Even though Fabletics is essential a fashion retail brand that sells Athleisure and fitness clothing items, the company uses technology in all the business and marketing aspects. The technology is used to gather data that is then used to understand what the audience wants, which helps the company to provide customers with exactly what they are looking for. Kate Hudson is a fitness diva as well and an inspiration to millions of women across the country. It is for this reason; Fabletics is growing annually at a staggering pace of over 30 percent every year.


One of the reasons for Fabletics continued success is because, in the last couple of years, Fabletics followed the reverse showroom technique, earlier implemented by Warby Parker and Apple. The company followed the policy of first making a mark in the online retail business, and once it started getting substantial business, it moved its focus to open physical stores across the country. Fabletics has 18 stores in the country today, and the company’s CEO Don Ressler announced that much more would be opened soon in the years to come.


In this technique, the brand is more interested in reaching out to the potential customers and creates brand awareness, rather than getting sales. Fabletics is also known for offering highly personalized shopping experience, and women looking to experience it firsthand should take the lifestyle quiz at the company’s official website. It would help women understand the main reason behind company’s popularity.

Wessex Journals and The Changes In Our Enviornment

For decades, the Wessex Journals have been instrumental in teaching students at the Wessex Institute of Technology. Although the journals are equally impressive, they all serve a different purpose. In particular is International Journal of Environmental Impacts. What makes this journal so special is its ability to convey the social ills currently affecting our society. Due to an increased human population, our environment has to bear the burden.

As we contribute environmental problems, the Earth is undergoing rapid change. In addition to global warming, smog is becoming more pervasive than ever. As a result, people around the world are developing more respiratory problems. Water pollution is another main area to be concerned about. It has made the already scarce source of freshwater even more scarce. Unfortunately, wildlife is being victimized due to the irresponsible behaviors of humankind. In addition, plants are feeling the effects of environmental pollution more than ever.

The Lung Institute Provides Treatment through Stem Cells Therapy

Stem cells refer to the body’s natural healing system. These are building components of the body. Stem cells have a self-renewal, and they replicate according to the ability to develop more tissues. Adult stem cells refer to undifferentiated cells. This means that cells from one part of the body can be utilized in developing other tissues of a different part of the body. Plasticity is the primary function of regenerative medicine that involves stem cells. Adult differentiated stem cells promote healing in the lung tissues. This leads to massively improved function in the lung.

The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute provides lung treatment through stem cells. The institution uses autologous stem cells and cells harnessed from a patient’s body tissues. The versatile stem cells are usually extracted from the bone marrow. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, in recent past years, stem cell treatment has been used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary. This procedure has shown massive progress in dealing with disease symptoms. It has also demonstrated the potential of addressing progression. Through utilizing the body’s natural stem cells for healing, there has been an indication of reduced inflammation in the lungs. This is a new development to those who may have lost the hope of finding treatment. In as much as the stem cells are naturally harnessed from the body, people still raise the question of how old an individual should be to receive stem cell treatment.


The stem cell treatment is simpler than the conventional perception. Because the stem cells naturally occur in the latent of blood or bone marrow, they can be extracted and followed by a separation before a reintroduction to the body’s system. Ordinarily, fluids going through reintroduction to the body circulate throughout the body with the heart pumping as usual. After harnessing, the stem cells are inserted in the pulmonary trap. When these cells become stocked in the pulmonary trap, healing of the lungs begins. With healing in process, there is the potential of reduced inflammation and eventually an improvement in breathing through the lungs. That is why the Lung Institute was established. The institution commits to improving the lives of people with lung disease. To learn more, visit

Madison Street Capital is the Leading Innovator of Financial and Growth Strategies

Madison Street Capital is an international investment bank that gives many organizations and companies excellent financial and strategic advice on the fundamentals of growth. Recently the company played a leading role amongst a team of other advisory contractors in providing information to ARES a Vienna-based security corporation specializing in risk management. The organization for which Madison acted as a consultant has a glowing reputation for applying advanced technological innovations to help some industries to protect their valuable asset portfolios. ARES is a leading security risk management firm that can install and supervise software solutions for the safety. The strength of the security agency is a team of dedicated experts in management affairs who understand the industry fundamentals.


The advisory efficiency and the Madison Street Capital reputation are pegged on a network of highly competitive international divisions which have the expertise and know-how of guiding many first class companies to top performance. The company has consistently demonstrated its ability to unravel complicated issues of investment facing many corporates in the financial investment industry. It designs valuable financial strategies for both private and public entities in matters of Mergers & Acquisitions, carries out evaluations of the industry, and introduces structural inputs.


Among its competitors, Madison has continually scored highly in all project undertakings because the guiding ideologies of professionalism the company employs are the basis upon which they base the needs of their clients. The objectives and desires of their customers come ahead of any profit motives, and that is why the agency has been able to form partnerships that promote the welfare of all firms with whom it engages. The President of ARES Securities, Ben Eazzetta lauded the excellent way in which Madison had carried out the consultancy role in 2016. He praised the financial advisor for being a source of strength and hope to many stakeholders in the investment industry. He also noted the effectiveness of which Madison carries out all sourcing for venture capital, analyses, and evaluations.


The advisory firm provides many financial insights into company valuations, acquisitions and mergers, and general opinions on structural adjustments. It executes all its financial dealings excellently as a result of many years of high levels of professionalism. It is recognized by a broad cross-section of global clients as a leader in giving in-depth interpretations, and analyses of the investment field. The company has a firm conviction that the future movers of technological and industrial growth will be the new markets in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Madison is headquartered in Chicago.


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Copa Star: The Real Superstar in Brazilian Healthcare

Copa Star plundered the healthcare sector of Brazil with a new concept called “high-quality patient care with ultra-modern amenities” when it opened in October 2016. The hospital which is located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, actually opened a great option of health care to the residents of the mega city. The hospital offers a unique way of care that combines comfort, qualified service, sophisticated technology, and luxury. The architecture of the hospital building reminds a five-star hotel with spacious corridors and large visitor areas with the artworks in each room. The hospital is built in a whopping 21,000 square meter area, and it spreads in seven floors.

The management of the hospital has worked closely with the project to make it more patient-centric. Each hospital bed is embedded with an iPad for the patients to control the surroundings, ask for the assistance, and see the various test results. The device is designed to provide a patient level autonomy, and it has specially designed application by the hospital installed. The app helps the users to adjust the lighting in the room, opening and closing the window sills or curtains, call the physicians and nurses, check the various test results, etc. The hospital which started its construction in 2013 with an estimated amount of $ 400 million, took almost three years to complete the work and to open it to the city residents.


Jorge Moll, the founder and the President of Rede D’Or São Luiz – the founding group of Copa Star, confirmed that the group wanted to give the best healthcare experience to the residents of Rio. “We made complex surgeries combined with qualified care and offered at Copa Star, before this, most of the city residents were forced to fly to Sao Paulo. The hospital ensures the facilities of five-star hotel accommodation with professional staff, and we create a condition for quicker recovery both physically and mentally,” Moll said. The hospital management offers greater freedom to patients and their relatives. The hospital corridors are for the free use of patients and their families as there is a separate pathway is given for the hospital staff. Also, each hospital room smells fragrance with warningly fresh air unlike other hospitals with ether. Visit the site to know more.

The hospital implemented the state-of-the-art technology which includes neurosurgery rooms enabled with integrated magnetic resonance equipment, intelligent operating rooms, telemedicine, hybrid rooms, and robotic medicine. While many think that the hospital is only accessible for the wealthy, it is not the actual case. The management of the hospital confirms that it accepts all types of payment and work on many insurance plans. Considering the grand success of the hospital model, Copa Star is on a mission to expand to all the major cities in Brazil; it started with the Brasilia and Sao Paulo as the constructions of the branches in both the cities are going on.

Betsy Devos, The Voice of The Voiceless

Born on January 8th, 1958, Elisabeth Dee Betsy Devos who is famously known as Betsy Devos. She is a world renowned businesswoman, politician, and a philanthropist. Betsy Devos is also the Secretary of Education of America and is working hard day and night to provide education to everyone in America who cannot afford education. President Donald Trump himself elected Betsy as the Secretary of Education because of her dedication and passion to work for the country to make it an example for the whole world to see.

Her mother was a professor and also a public school teacher. Her mother became an inspiration for Betsy because her mother had always tried her best to bring the highest quality of education to everyone and not just the rich. Betsy saw her mother’s vision and decided to carry on with her life to fulfill her mother’s dream. It was the day when Betsy sent her own children to school for education that not everyone in this country is getting the same quality of education. Betsy believed that the children are the future of this country and if they are not getting the proper education, their potential would never be awakening. This is the main reason Betsy decided to go into politics to revolutionize the system of education in the country.

Betsy Devos shared her intentions and vision with the current President of America Donald Trump. President Trump got highly impressed by her and supported her vision. Betsy Devos realized that there is racism in the schools within the country, because of this Betsy gave a statement that no one should be judged by their looks, color, state or department. She taught everyone that there is no comparison between each other. Betsy has been involved in the education policy system for over 3 decades. This shows her dedication and passion for educating the children. Betsy has often been referred as the voice of the voiceless and needy people who need the education to support their families. Betsy Devos is offering her help in more than 25 states of America where financial aid is available for educating reforms. Read more about their foundation at

Betsy Devos is the current chairperson of the Philanthropy Roundtable. She was interviewed by the Philanthropy Roundtable for her services for the nation. Betsy revealed that she has helped more than 250,000 children to have a quality education. She believes this is quite remarkable that she has become so optimistic throughout the years. Betsy Devos is currently working on expanding her services all over The United States of America because she wants everyone to unlock their potential. This will help in bringing a change in the education reforms of the country, and it will make America greater than ever. This all would not have been possible if it wasn’t for President Trump. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Why OncoTarget is the Best Online Medical Journal for Writers to publish their Articles

OncoTarget is an international online peer-reviewed journal. Its articles focus on treatment protocols, potential therapy targets, and pathological basis of cancer. The journal was released online to give insights on the impacts of new and existing cancer therapies. It also focuses on how patients and health care professionals are responding to the therapies.

One of the reasons why OncoTarget stands out from other medical peer-reviewed journals is its emphasis on patients’ insights on the quality of life, contentment, and adherence. OncoTarget’s editor-in-chief is Doctor Faris Farassati. He is assisted by other skilled editors, such as Mikhail Blagosklonny. These editors ensure that OncoTarget, a brand owned by Impact Journals, excels in availing pertinent information about oncology on the Internet.

Besides being indexed online, OncoTarget’s articles comply with the principles set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The peer-reviewed journal is also indexed on a medical information source known as PubMed Central. On PubMed, OncoTarget is usually listed as Onco Targets Ther. Once new articles have been published, they are normally submitted to PubMed with an objective of indexing. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

OncoTarget’s Publishing Policies

As an open access information outlet, articles published by writers can be downloaded free of charge from the Dove website, irrespective of a person’s geographical location. OncoTarget gets thousands of papers covering medical topics. Unlike other information outlets, OncoTarget does not reject the papers due to lack of space. The online archive uses electronic mechanisms to analyze, retrieve, and store data. This mechanism ensures that there are no limits to the number of articles submitted by writers.

As a writer, you will not wait for several months for your submission to be accepted. This policy has encouraged writers to keep submitting quality content for it to be reviewed by other authors. OncoTarget’s peer-review process takes a maximum of three weeks. Furthermore, editors can take 2-7 days to decide on whether a new submission should be published. Most authors have discovered that peer-review comments determine if an essay would be availed to readers via OncoTarget. As a means of recovering editorial and production costs, OncoTarget usually charges authors processing fees for publishing. The fee also enables OncoTarget to avail quality content to readers.