Vijay Eswaran’s First Bestseller Book Still Has A Powerful Message More Than 10 Years Later

Vijay Eswaran may be a businessman first, but he only considers that to be a small part of his live’s work.

His personal goals have been to inspire people and even make sacrifices of his own for them to succeed in the same way his father Vijayratnam taught him to do. He penned the book “In The Sphere Of Silence” back in 2005, yet as time has passed he’s felt it applies to today more than ever. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

The idea behind “In The Sphere Of Silence” was to show people how taking moments throughout the day to observe silence and perhaps meditate or read other books could help you refocus and be better prepared for the day ahead.

Eswaran says that today’s world is just too full of distractions coming from technology and a business world that’s more fast-paced than ever. He says it’s good sometimes to just disconnect and take some moments to find your inner peace and to be at peace with others.

Vijay Eswaran is Malaysian-born but his family is actually Indian. He has always admired his father Vijayratnam for his selflessness and showing him how helping others can bring your own happiness.

Vijay Eswaran was afforded the opportunity to attend the famous London School of Economics where he completed his undergraduate work, and then after a year of doing odd jobs pursued an MBA at Southern Illinois University.

It was in the 1990s that he started finding his business niche when he was asked to help the Cosway Group start a branch in the Philippines, and that’s when he also met Joseph Bismark who’s been his longtime business partner and together they founded QI Group Ltd. in Hong Kong. Recently their chief sales company QNET hired Tennis professional Martina Hingis to be the company’s Brand Ambassador.

The charity work of Vijay Eswaran is most known to be done through RYTHM Foundation, and he and his wife also fund the Vijayratnam Foundation named after his late father.

In addition to “In The Sphere Of Silence,” Eswaran also wrote “On The Wings Of Thought” and “18 Stepping Stones.”

He’s also spoken several times at the World Economic Forum, a summit that many political leaders gather at, and he’s also been cited in Forbes Asia’s Top 50 Most Wealthy listing.