What’s the hype behind Billy McFarland’s Magnises?

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland is a 24-year old CEO and co-founder of Magnises which began as a series of social events that provided young professionals an opportunity to interact with people from other industries and build a strong network. In addition, Magnises provides young professionals that reside in a big city fun and unique ways to experience that city both professionally and socially.

The private club provides members a personalized “black card” that allows access to special events and deals in big cities such as New York City and Washington, D.C. Exclusive discounts to restaurants, bars and clubs are a major perk of membership.

A new feature called ClubPass was also recently introduced which provides guaranteed access to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York for $65 a month.

The group targets the millennial demographic with the average member being 28 years old. Although membership comes with a $250 price tag, members find great value in exclusive offers such as discounted tickets to Kanye’s The Life of Pablo Tour, electronic giveaways, whiskey tastings or the coveted trip to Exuma with the opportunity to swim with the tiny pigs of Pig Beach on a cluster of islands in the Bahamas.

According to The Guardian, “The community is what powers the value”, says Billy McFarland. This group is eager to meet other young professionals at events where major brands partner with Magnises in hopes of reaching this highly desirable demographic and converting them to customers down the road.

Other member-exclusive benefits include access to co-working space in major cities and various networking events as well as access to clubs and various concierge-type assistance. Members feel that the membership delivers on what they can afford: “accessible luxury”.

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