Why OncoTarget is the Best Online Medical Journal for Writers to publish their Articles

OncoTarget is an international online peer-reviewed journal. Its articles focus on treatment protocols, potential therapy targets, and pathological basis of cancer. The journal was released online to give insights on the impacts of new and existing cancer therapies. It also focuses on how patients and health care professionals are responding to the therapies.

One of the reasons why OncoTarget stands out from other medical peer-reviewed journals is its emphasis on patients’ insights on the quality of life, contentment, and adherence. OncoTarget’s editor-in-chief is Doctor Faris Farassati. He is assisted by other skilled editors, such as Mikhail Blagosklonny. These editors ensure that OncoTarget, a brand owned by Impact Journals, excels in availing pertinent information about oncology on the Internet.

Besides being indexed online, OncoTarget’s articles comply with the principles set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The peer-reviewed journal is also indexed on a medical information source known as PubMed Central. On PubMed, OncoTarget is usually listed as Onco Targets Ther. Once new articles have been published, they are normally submitted to PubMed with an objective of indexing. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

OncoTarget’s Publishing Policies

As an open access information outlet, articles published by writers can be downloaded free of charge from the Dove website, irrespective of a person’s geographical location. OncoTarget gets thousands of papers covering medical topics. Unlike other information outlets, OncoTarget does not reject the papers due to lack of space. The online archive uses electronic mechanisms to analyze, retrieve, and store data. This mechanism ensures that there are no limits to the number of articles submitted by writers.

As a writer, you will not wait for several months for your submission to be accepted. This policy has encouraged writers to keep submitting quality content for it to be reviewed by other authors. OncoTarget’s peer-review process takes a maximum of three weeks. Furthermore, editors can take 2-7 days to decide on whether a new submission should be published. Most authors have discovered that peer-review comments determine if an essay would be availed to readers via OncoTarget. As a means of recovering editorial and production costs, OncoTarget usually charges authors processing fees for publishing. The fee also enables OncoTarget to avail quality content to readers.

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